Cover: E.M.C.K. - Chill Out

E.M.C.K. - Chill Out

The German producer E.M.C.K, who already released several productions on the established label Housesession Records, now releases his second production "Chill Out" on Seveneves Records. After his previous track "Lovesick" how now strikes back with another first-class production. Also included is a 90BPM downtempo Remix.

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Cover: Flashcat - Flashing Lights

Flashcat - Flashing Lights

The German DJ Contest Winner 2015 “DJ Flashcat” comes with his first release ever on Seveneves Records. “Flashing Lights” is a catchy 100 BPM track with a bit of dancehall and Major Lazer types of sounds. For sure: Flashcat shows his scratching & cutting skills on this record! Check it loud!

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Cover: RELAY - 4 Life

RELAY - 4 life

This release from Adrian Rotzer aka RELAY from Switzerland has the potential to become a real hit. The unmistakeable dancepart thrills in its way of playing. Also convincing are the catchy melody with beautiful harmonies and the first class deep house vocal samples. This song is uplifting! We´re looking forward what RELAY will expect in the future.  

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Cover: Hofmann

Hofmann & Weigold - MY HOE

The Seveneves Records labelheads Hofmann & Weigold are back with a very strong club record. In each set of the two you’ll always find some Ghetto House tracks. Reason enough to produce their own G-House bomb.. “MY HOE” comes with a unique bassline and downpitched vocals.

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Cover: Wavesafari - Bright Lights

Wavesafari - Bright Lights

The young DJ- and producer duo Wavesafarii from Hamburg, Germany, is actually known for more progessiv sounds. The two have already convinced with their single "I Need You" on Seveneves Records. This follow-up named "Bright Lights" combines a soft saxophone melody with a classic piano. Perfect for sensitive Warm Up or Chill Out Sets.

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Out Now: JuanJe Rodriguez

JuanJe Rodriguez & Wesley Monteiro - Himalaya

The Spanish DJ and Producer JuanJe Rodriguez became one of the hottest newcomers of the spanish underground scene, playing with djs like MK, Sam Divine or Bob Sinclar to mention a few. For this track he teams up with the Dutch Dj/Producer Wesley Monteiro who is known from his participation on the compilation album ‘Bem Brasil’ from Dj Fatboy Slim.

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Out Now: Patrick Hofmann

Patrick Hofmann & Jake Dile - WIPEOUT

WIPEOUT is a collaboration of Jake Dile and Patrick Hofmann. Both have already produced some tracks together and have already released on Tiger, 120dB Records and S2G Productions. With WIPEOUT they present a real peaktime bomb, which pushes neatly forward and sets a real highlight in every DJ set.

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Cover: L´VIN - Emotions

L´VIN - Emotions

L´VIN is a young producer from Baku, Azerbaijan. He has produced this wonderful Deep House track. With "Emotions" he brings out his first Single Release on Seveneves Records. In this way he joins the deep house collections of our label like many young talents.

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Cover: Mia Amare - Be Yourself

Mia Amare - Be Yourself

DJane Mia Amare, born in Azerbaijan, released her first single "Be Yourself" on Seveneves Records. She lives now in Berlin, is enthusiastic about electronic dance music and produce her own tracks now. Her song "Be Yourself" combines a nice soft melody with hard and well-danceable beats and their own vocals. A very ambitious start for a promising future.

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Cover: Shuja - I Got A Feeling

Shuja - I Got A Feeling

Daniele Sofia aka Shuja is not just a DJ, but a fullblood musician and performer with a great passion for electronic music. There are many terms to describe his productions, like unique, versatile, elegantly stylish, at the same time light footed and well structured! Also his new track called "I Got A Feeling" has unmistakably Shujas handwriting.

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ADE 2016 Seveneves Compilation

ADE 2016 Seveneves Compilation - 41 Tracks & 2 Mixes

The Amsterdam Dance Event is part of the largest “get-together” of the European music scene every year, where artists meet labels, music managers and thousands of party people from all genre of electronic music scene. This versatility reflects the ADE 2016 Seveneves Compilation again. ADE 2016 - it's not the genre, its the music!

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Cover: Caolan Irvine - Ready To House

Caolan Irvine - Ready To House & Jack It Up

"Ready To House" is a fresh new track from Irish talent Caolan Irvine. He merges deep and future house together to create his own unique sound. With its moving piano melody that takes hold of you from the start, leading with soft vocal chops with a banging kick and heavy bass it sets up one killer drop, This track really screams house music. "Jack It Up" is a heavy ...

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Cover: Timo Manson

Timo Manson & Dexter Curtin - Deep Desert

Timo Manson & Dexter Curtin release their first joint track called "Deep Desert" on Seveneves Records. A beautiful guitar melody accompanies this awesome Deep House Song and emphasizes its uniqueness. A minimal remix of Marcus Jahn completes the package. We love it.

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Cover: Shawn Wilson - You Only Know

Shawn Wilson - You Only Know

"You Only Know" is taking you to a sunny beach with clear blue water and hot sunshine. This tune from Shawn Wilson is a powerful mix of Deep House and Future House and is made for hot beaches, sunny holidays and summer open airs!

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Cover: Fondz - Make Me Feel

Fondz - Make Me Feel

The producer duo “Fondz” from Ukraine convinced with its track "Make Me Feel" immediately. Very good vocal samples harmonize perfectly with amazing peaktime music. We are excited about what these two talents will produce in the future.

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Cover: Flatfoot Jones - Fusstrompete

Flatfoot Jones - Fusstrompete

Flatfoot Jones presents his new track “Fusstrompete” on Seveneves Records. Technoid sounds combined with a saxophon in interaction with trumpets creating a deep but breezy, flaring up and electronic sound. Underlined with trombones in a reverb, this track has a lot of discovery options and creates room for interpretation. 

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Daniel Slam - Storm

Daniel Slam - Storm

Daniel Slam had published many productions on different labels. With “Storm” he celebrate his debut on Seveneves Records. An interesting house release including a progressive Soul'D'Out Remix.

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Cover: Bumich - Part Y Up (Remixes)

Bumich - Part Y Up (Remixes)

"Part Y Up" is already represented at “Zirkus Zirkus Vol.14” (DigDis) and on the “IBIZA 2016 Compilation” of Seveneves Records! In this Release three awesome remixes of Michael Voigt, Brascon and Four Peanuts Deluxe are waiting for audience.

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Cover:Thomas Krings - With Me

Thomas Krings - With Me

Thomas Krings presented in June 2016 his first track "Come In" on Seveneves Records. Now comes a really strong follow up called "With We". A really first-class house production with a distinctive vocal sample. Included is driving remix of Patrick Hofmann.

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Cover: Ocean White

Ocean White & Elian Rise - Far From You

Ocean White & Elian Rise got together in 2015 as a duo and release their first track "Far From You" on Seveneves Records. Lead by great harmony between them they make this track with simple reefs and melodies. With the aim to create in the listener a sense of peace and harmony with nature.

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Cover: E.M.C.K. - Lovesick

E.M.C.K. - Lovesick

The german producer E.M.C.K. who already have productions on the established label Housesession Records, release his new production “Lovesick” on Seveneves Records. A typical house organ, catchy vocals and a wonderful break generate emotionality. Driving dance parts complete his first-class work! Absolutely contemporary.

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Cover: Danny Noble - Subdivision

Danny Noble - Subdivision

The track’s theme of "Subdivision" from London based Danny Noble was always aimed to be underground scene. It comprises of a heavy groove induced rolling rhythm to lock the dancefloor. Warped vocals provide haunting tension with tight layers of distorted percussion to send the listener in spin. Picture a warehouse style party.

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Sherwee feat.Canze - Wolkentanz (Club Edit)

“You feel the sun, see the clouds. You want to be easy, throw off everthing. Simply fly, relax and dance. A dance on clouds.” In this song, the DJ and musician Sherwee got together with the German pop singer Canze and they left daily routine behind while producing.

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Cover: IBIZA 2016 Compilation - Peaktime


Seveneves Records is back with a brandnew Ibiza 2016 Compilation. This Sampler features 35 Deep House, Peaktime, Bass House, Garage House and Techhouse Tracks. Beside this Hofmann & Weigold are presenting two 60 Minutes DJ Mixes called „Peakime Grooves“ and „Underground Grooves“. Enjoy the Ibiza vibes with Seveneves Records!

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Cover: Johnny O'Neill - Can U Hear Me

Johnny O'Neill - Can U Hear Me

Seveneves Records presents you with the highly anticipated stunning summer track from Irish DJ and Producer Johnny O'Neill entitled "Can U Hear Me". Johnny has made a sublime house track with a an uplifting vocal and a killer baseline. He also has Seveneves signed artist Josh Coakley to supply a remix of the track.

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