Digedo Distribution & Melino Labelmanagement

Seveneves Records publishes their tracks over the digital distribution partner Digedo! Digedo is one of the leading digital media distributor for independent labels and media content. Currently, they have 150.000+ tracks from more than 350 label partners which are uploaded to 450 digital stores and platforms all over the world. The service relies on their proprietary technology platform, being constantly enhanced. Beyond sales and distribution, digedo focuses on the marketing and promotion for key releases of labels and artists. www.digedo.com 

As a full service management for labels, melino becomes a part of the label’s team and takes care of the administration in every aspect. With melino as the back office, we can concentrate on A&R management and marketing. Melino: "We are also offering our services to the music industry individually for a flat fee. So if you are e.g. looking for royalty accounting experts with the best software or would like to promote your releases to 3,800+ professionals, melino is your partner". www.melino.com