Vivaro & Bismu - Keep Dancing

"Vivaro & Bismu" are two upcoming electronic dance music producers. Poland-based "Bismu" and Netherlands-born "Vivaro" combined their skills and together produced the track "Keep Dancing". "Vivaro" is an artist who started producing at the age of 16 and now releases several tracks a year and has a lot of collaborations with other artists. His preferred production style is future house and future rave. "Bismu" is a talented artist who is still searching for his sound, but with this release he definitely came one step closer to his goal. "Keep Dancing" is a song that was created with the idea of combining progressive house music with the atmosphere of the 90s. The vocals of the song are meant to relate to old school parties and the melody line is a combination of club sounds and pop music. The balance of different types of dance music in this song gives it an amazing sound that makes the listener dance.

Releasedate: 2024-02-02
Seveneves Records: Cat.No.: 7EVS462


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