NICK LEYS is a DJ and producer from the south of Germany. With his sound of dance paired with future house, he creates a sound that not only gets young people dancing. His new track on Seveneves Records is called "The Weekend" and is a rousing track that is made for the dance floor!

DJ Deelex, Jake Dile and John Mor3x produced the joint track "Never Fall" together with the up-and-coming singer Cajus Etienne, which perfectly combines the genres of hypertechno and trance.

The German producer and DJ "KzH" and singer "Shanreea" release their second song "9 To 5" on Seveneves Records. Their new song "9 To 5" is an anthem for all those who have to go to work but would rather do other nicer things. Music often helps us to get through the day in a positive way. The track radiates a good feeling.

"Keep Dancing" is a song that was created with the idea of combining progressive house music with the atmosphere of the 90s. The vocals of the song are meant to relate to old school parties and the melody line is a combination of club sounds and pop music. The balance of different types of dance music in this song gives it an amazing sound that makes the listener dance.

Jahn Solo is a Copenhagen-based DJ and producer. His latest work is called "Vivido", which is made up of Vivid and Libido. The message is clear: Make love. Have fun.

Hofmann & Weigold are producers for Nudisco, Deep House & House Music. Both have been successful DJs and producers for over a decade.

DJ Timstar is a passionate DJ and producer from Germany. His productions on Housesession Records, S2G Productions and Tiger Records speak for themselves!

"Vivaro & Bismu" are two upcoming electronic dance music producers.

"Take Me There" stands for all the beautiful places and moments that you visit and share with the people in your heart.

Get ready! Benny Davids is back with a brand new track that will rock the dance floor.

Patrick Hofmann is an integral part of the German music scene. Over 25 years of experience in the music business and his enthusiasm for electronic dance music make him successful as a DJ and producer to this day.

German producer and DJ "KzH" and singer "Shanreea" celebrate their debut on Seveneves Records with "Forgetting".

DJ BASS-T is a German DJ and producer from the Stuttgart area.

Max Vega is a young producer, started his career in 1999 and is the founder of DeepSea Project.

Benny Davids from Germany is a young producer and DJ who makes his debut on Seveneves Records with "My Mind".

When NIKADONNA was 16 years old, she started writing German and English songs in the Latin House genre.

DJ BASS-T is a German DJ and producer from the Stuttgart area.

CUEBA & SOUND BY STYLE from Germany have produced their second single together called "Stay". The two describe the track as a mix of classic slap house sounds with future house elements. Definitely an explosive track that belongs in every club or festival set.

The songwriter and singer Julia Schulgin aka "JuScha" released her first song "Sirena" in 2021.

George Cooper describes the story behind his new song "Ibiza Feeling" like this: Flying to Ibiza means for me to return home and to arrive.

CUEBA & Sound By Style from Germany have produced together the single "Love".

After her first release "Cheese" on Seveneves Records, "Lara Liqueur" is back with "La La La".

"Can't Stop Me"! This is the title of the first project by "Ausrasten Erlaubt", "LUIN" and "Fibonacci". The collaboration began at a songwriting camp in Dresden.

He is a cool guy from Karachi, Pakistan who makes dubstep and other genres of music under the stage name "Echesque".

Chinese producer "Magens" releases his first track called "Freak".

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