Up-and-coming artist "Ludwig Nylow" is now taking off with his new tech house project. His debut track "Party With My Crew" on Seveneves Records features catchy and unique leads and focuses on danceability. His goal is to innovate tech house by combining new sounds with oldschool elements.

German producer "7EANDRO" has created "Johera", a captivating African Tech House track that combines the infectious rhythms of Afrobeat with the pulsating energy of Tech House.

Pit Ahmeti moved from Kosovo to Hannover in 1989. Now he is successful as DJ Pit in Germany and gained experience at various festivals in Slovakia, Albania, Croatia and Czech Republic.

Patrick Post is from Poland. He started playing parties in 2016.

Nick Da Cruz – That´s It!

Nick da Cruz started out as a DJ in 1988 and since then he has been successful in many clubs and at festivals. His style moves between House, Techhouse and Techno.

Ryno - Rememeber

Ryan Rauert aka Ryno is a DJ, born and raised in NYC. He received his first set of drums and turntables at age fourteen. He played in a lot of Bars and Clubs through the entire tri state area..

Elian Dust - Y'all

With Y'all the Austrian Elian Dust celebrates his debut release on Seveneves Records. A first-class house production with a unique..


Tschavek - Masquerade

Tschavek is a German Producer and Vocalist for Electronic music with main focus onmelodic and experimental Deep House. Started as a singer songwriter more than 10years ago, he followed the intention to produce music with that certain something thusset himself apart from...

Jil Tanner – Encantado

Great joy! That´s definitely there when you hear the brandnew release from dj & singer Jil Tanner. The spanish name for it is "Encantado" and if you hear the track you will love it. It's an energetic track with spherical melodies and sexy techhouse elements. Jil Tanner loves the feeling when the...

Federico Murgia – Whole EP

Federico Murgia was born in 1988 in Sardinia. As a music lover, he began playing music at the age of 17 and attended courses as a DJ and producer.

Joe De Renzo - Down

Giuseppe De Renzo from Venosa (Italy) is back on Seveneves Records. After his G-House Banger “Everybody” and the Tech House Track “Get Out” he starts his new project Joe De Renzo. In 2000 he started his career as DJ and producer. Meanwhile Joe De Renzo is a sound designer and attended the Academy of Electronic Music in Naples..

Jil Tanner - Berlin

Berlin. You don´t need much more to say, already a movie of images and emotions is in our heads when Jil Tanner speaks from her homebase. Hardly any other city awakens and inspires people in the electronic music scene as much as this one. Jil Tanner's newest electronic soundwork induce this Berlin-feeling....

Jil Tanner

Jil Tanner's newest release "Get Weak" is ready for take off! A standout track, which shows her musical versatility and deep inspirations from Techno and 90's Underground House music. Taking every listener and dancer on a trip through raw edgy basslines and uplifting kick drums, this track is made for the height of any Tech House DJ set...

Art und Weise – FLOW

Music is picturesque, music inspires emotions, music moves! "Art und Weise" create emotional sets. With the attention for their audience, the two experienced artists deliver melodies to the point and transform them into movements. The club presents itself as a physical place and their electronic sounds is omnipresent. They form a musical unity through each individual beat with knowledge, experience and love.

Jil Tanner – Rope

"With things that are important to you, you remain connected to an invisible rope - regardless of distance and time". Everyone interprets this differently for themselves. The track "Rope" by Jil Tanner is their expression for that. Packed in solid beats with a touch of mysticism and energy, this statement is underlined...

Jil Tanner – We Can Do

Jil Tanner's brandnew release "We Can Do" is already an insider tip for the upcoming festival season. Jil Tanner is a singer, female DJ and producer and therefore she embodies an experienced musician with love for Tech House music. With her new song she wants to tell us something: “Everything is possible. Without Borders. Music with depth, free thoughts and profound sense of life...

Cover: Thomas Krings - The Funk

Thomas Krings presents after "Come In" and "With Me" his third track on Seveneves Records! His new work "The Funk" is a driving Tech House production with a distinctive vocal sample. An exciting song for the wide use in House and Tech House sets.

Out Now: JuanJe Rodriguez

The Spanish DJ and Producer JuanJe Rodriguez became one of the hottest newcomers of the spanish underground scene, playing with djs like MK, Sam Divine or Bob Sinclar to mention a few. For this track he teams up with the Dutch Dj/Producer Wesley Monteiro who is known from his participation on the compilation album ‘Bem Brasil’ from Dj Fatboy Slim.

Cover: Johnny Pana - Got You

Johnny Pana from Australia is a dj, producer, & remixer currently making his mark in the deep house, tech house and techno scene. Johnny Pana’s “Got You” Release embellishes everything beautiful about house music. It resonates a certain euphoria within, whilst encapsulating the mind, body and soul.

Domun - Timing EP

DOMUN published with "Timing" his 3rd Techhouse EP on Seveneves Records. For us Domun is one of the most talented Techhouse producers in the scene. His driving and pumping sound is an example for contemporary music in this genre. In recent months Domun got Support from Mark Knights Label Toolroom.

Thomas Krings - Come In

Thomas Krings presents his new track "Come In" on Seveneves Records. The driving bass groove ensures definitely for highlights in each Tech House Set.

Cover: Pit Ahmeti - Amesz Me

Pit Ahmeti is a successfull DJ in Germany and gained experience at various festivals in Slovakia, Albania, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Throughout his career he focused on creating music and experimented with electronic music like House, Deep House, Tech House and Minimal and created his own strong and never boring style.

Cover: Giuseppe De Renzo - Get Out

Giuseppe De Renzo is back on Seveneves Records. After his G-House Banger “Everybody” he comes with “Get Out” another dark driven techhouse record with downpitched vocals and a awesome vibe for the maintime.

Cover: Domun - Pumping EP

Domun from Cologne presented with his "Pumping EP" two great Techhouse tracks on Seveneves Records. The eponymous song "Pumping" and “Loop And Loop” are impulsive and groovy. Ideal tools for long club sets up in the early morning. We love it!

Cover: Domun - Broken Mind EP

Domun from Cologne presented with his "Broken Mind EP" three great Techhouse tracks on Seveneves Records. The eponymous song "Broken Mind" is impulsive and groovy, "Some Chords" and "Sense" on the other hand are melodic and playful. We love it!

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