Patrick Hofmann - Amaya

Amaya" is a first-class organic house production to listen to and enjoy! After the five songs "Delia", "Distraction", "Circle", "Hyda" and "Organic", this track is already the sixth in this series. Patrick Hofmann, with over 25 years of experience in the music business and unbridled enthusiasm for electronic dance music, is himself the owner of the music labels Seveneves Records and Evitative Records and is a successful DJ and producer. Countless own singles, collaborations and remixes on various labels such as WE PLAY, Tonspiel, TIGER Records, RUN DBN, S2G Productions, 120dB Records, 1st Strike, Tokabeatz and on his own labels speak for themselves.

Releasedate: 2024-04-05
Seveneves Records: Cat.No.: 7EVS468


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