MEKKAWY - Free Dumb EP

Sherif Mekkawy is an Egyptian artist, music producer and professional sound designer, got his music degree from CCM USA CA, Pasadena. Award winner of best music producer in 2015 by DG magazine. His music blends together the organic elements of jazz, latin and funk with the deeper edge of house..

Will Fast - In You

The Swedish Future House artist "Will Fast" presents his new track with the beautiful name "In You", which carries the notes of sun and love! Will Fast described himself as a charismatic and talented DJ. The energy of his performances can be compared to a spectacle of colors and emotions..

Joe De Renzo - Down

Giuseppe De Renzo from Venosa (Italy) is back on Seveneves Records. After his G-House Banger “Everybody” and the Tech House Track “Get Out” he starts his new project Joe De Renzo. In 2000 he started his career as DJ and producer. Meanwhile Joe De Renzo is a sound designer and attended the Academy of Electronic Music in Naples..

Darjush Fassih - Rofel Rack EP

Darjush Fassih is a producer and artist from Lüneburg (Germany) and has released his first track in 2015. Darjush believes in purist and minimalist techno music. Inspired by the Berlin and Hamburg club scene, he and his friends became famous in 2006 for their notorious party act "Private Patients"...

"POOLSIDE VOL.2 - Deep House Selection"

Seveneves Records presents "POOLSIDE VOL.2 - Deep House Selection", the second edition of this Deep House Compilation. A selection of 28 first-class deep house tracks from AirDice, Tim Serra feat.Bovilan, Elis M.Feeling & Diva Vocal, Patrick Hofmann, Tom Glombik, USB Players feat. Philip Braun...

Tonderra - Dream EP

Tonderra debutes with his first ever solo release. After the remix of Dominic Shepan's single "Evolve" he is back on Seveneves Records with the "DREAM EP". It has always been his dream to release a solo material. Tonderra is an artist, who tries to combine groovy and progressive elements into one production....

Adakadak -  Keep It Simple

Who is Adakadak? Inspired by a retro futuristic creature, half duck, half robot, the project explores retro-futuristic territories in the field of electro and bass. And just for this kind of music is the new song "Keep It Simple" by Adakadak. We welcome this strange artist on Seveneves Records.

Jil Tanner - Berlin

Berlin. You don´t need much more to say, already a movie of images and emotions is in our heads when Jil Tanner speaks from her homebase. Hardly any other city awakens and inspires people in the electronic music scene as much as this one. Jil Tanner's newest electronic soundwork induce this Berlin-feeling....

Bassmake - What Are You Doing

Bassmake is a young French DJ and Producer who mixed tracks with EDM, Trap and Moombahton sounds. He has a passion for music since the age of 12 and makes music that shows who he is. “What Are You Doing” is a crazy track with cool vocals and a striking bassline. We welcome Bassmake on Seveneves Records.

MIAMI EVES 2018 - Seveneves Compilation

Seveneves Records presents its "Miami Eves 2018" Compilation! The sampler features 21 first-class tracks. You can expect the best Deep House, House and Future House sounds compiled by Hofmann & Weigold. This includes selected productions by STEEL, Archelli Findz, Swooney & Marcelos Pi...

Nick da Cruz - Free Your Soul

Nick da Cruz started spinning records while still a teenager in 1988 and very soon he found himself playing at open air festivals, various parties and small clubs in Germany. Since then he has specialized in a deep style of House, Electro, Techno & Tech House. In 2007 he got into producing music with some friends, and 2009 saw his first own release on the Canadian label Often Gruven Recordings.


Swooney and Marcelos Pi are back, after her fulminating single "Live" from the last year which received internationally a lot support, they also present in 2018 their new and tasteful house production names "Hold You". The package is rounded by two strong remixes from Tonderra and Vol2Cat.

Archelli Findz - Paradise Coming Down

With this release “Paradise Coming Down", Archelli Findz from Kazakhstan creates a new style in his musical activities, which is long-lasting and constantly. He has a lot of experience in his production, which he owes to his 6 years of career as a DJ and producer. We say “Hello” to Archelli Findz with his first production on Seveneves Records.

George Morley - Odyssey

George Morley is a upcoming producer from Manchester and resident DJ for Pineal Groove. Odyssey is perfect for peak time with progressive melodies and evolving synths that blend together with a heavy bassline to create a euphoric and uplifting club track to keep the dance floor moving. We welcome him on Seveneves Records with his brandnew release “Odyssey”.

Fullar - You Are Deep

Born in 1986 and raised with German techno music and Euro Dance, Fullar soon became addicted to trance. He is always open to new sounds and connects many genres. You will never know what he will produce next. But one thing is for sure, his tracks are produced with a lot of heart. Fullar presents his house track "You Are Deep" on Seveneves Records.


STEEL as a passionate guitarist knows what matters good music and quality. He doesn’t prefer one specific genre, furthermore he lives and loves (electronic) music in its diversity. In 2018 he released his first track called „Try“ on Seveneves Records, which you can class with the genre future bass.

GiusvaB - Brain Challenge

GiusvaB from Italy releases the first track on the label Seveneves Records with his new track "Brain Challenge". A beautiful and hearable house production with deep melodies and a classic house beat.

Thomas Krigs - I Think (Remixes)

Thomas Krings presented his fourth track on Seveneves Records after "Come In", "With Me" and "The Funk"! His new work "I Think" is a groovy house production with an exciting bassline and typical style of playing. A universally applicable song for wide use in house and peaktime sets. First-class remixes are available from Cassetta, Mima Jastei, Dexter Curtin & Marcus Jahn.

Jack Lack - Down

Jack Lack releases his new track DOWN on Seveneves Records with a typical bassline and beautiful vocals. An absolutely playable and danceable song that guarantees hot club nights.

Matt Noise - Blaze

Matt Noise is a rising dj and producer from Bolzano, Italy. He started his career in 2013. Over the past four years he performed at numerous festivals and clubs in Italy, Germany and Austria and shared the stage with international artists like Don Diablo, A-Trak, Laidback Luke, Nicky Romero, Shaun Frank, Merk & Kremont and many more.

Patrick Hofmann

Patrick Hofmann & Danez presents their new release “Take Back” on Seveneves Records. Both have been working together successfully and had been releases on S2G-Productions ("Freak Out") and RUN DBN Records ("Hannah") and on Seveneves Records (“I See You” & “Trombone”). Check out their new Deep House Track with a deep vibe and awesome vocals. A powerful remix by Tom Glombik completes the package.

Normann Gravis - Beast EP

Normann Gravis has already released one of the first techno tracks on Seveneves Records in 2015. His follow up "Beast" comes out together with a remastered version of "Headsick" on 19.01.2018. Look forward to two driving techno tracks with a lot of character and assertiveness. A must for every techno lover.

Revelz - Beach ´n Palms

The song takes Revelz new style, which already exudes a lot of summer feeling. Inspired by the Love Parade, his claim is to bring people to celebrate. With his new track called “Beach'n Palms” you have to dance. We welcome German artist Revelz to Seveneves Records.

I´m Not Batman - Houz Worx EP

The 164th release of Seveneves Records and the third release by the English artist "I'm Not Batman" is a House EP called “Houz Worx” consisting of two bassline driven house tracks with rolling grooves, rhythmic synths and memorable vocals. Just the thing for the dancefloor.

Will Fast - Erase You

Gives love and you are loved! Do not make your partner decide to end the relationship. Do not let your love tell you that I'm leaving to forget you. This is how Will Fast describes his new Future House track "Erase You". The 163rd release will be released at New Year's Eve 2017 on Seveneves Records and exemplifies a fresh start. Happy New Year.