Originally coming from the Progressive House, PROMI5E completely changed his sound in 2016. Two powerful Future House remixes have caught the attention of some bigger DJ names last year. With “F.T.B.” PROMI5E is diving even deeper into his new sound mixing filthy G-house vocals with a strong future house bassline that will heat up dancefloors at any time. We welcome PROMI5E on Seveneves Records.

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Thomas Krings - I Think

Thomas Krings - I Think

Thomas Krings presents his fourth track on Seveneves Records after "Come In", "With Me" and "The Funk". His new work "I Think" is a groovy house production with an exciting bassline and typical playing style. A universally applicable song for the wide use in house and peaktime sets.

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Cover: Markus Poley - Get High

Markus Poley - Get High

Music is the passion of Markus Poley. Already his first single "My Life" was released on Seveneves Records last year and could celebrate some chart entries. Now his follow up "Get High" appears. A convincing peaktime house track that invites you to dance.

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Cover: David Gottschalk – Housenova

David Gottschalk – Housenova

David Gottschalk says about himself: “Producing music means to live out my creativity, coupled with the opportunity, to express my truly emotions. Therefore my music is like a kind of a musical diary,  like a mirror of my soul I can hold up in front of myself.” After his track "You" on Seveneves Records last year is now followed by his new single "Housenova". An awesome deep house track with great vibes. Well done.

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Cover: Cassetta - I Will

Cassetta - I Will

Cassetta is a passionate artist. His buddy Kpaou Kondodji makes motivation videos on YouTube. Cassetta was impressed by this idea. He wanted to put this message into a musical work. With vocal sequences from one of his videos, the song "I Will" was created. An interesting and groovy house production.

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Cover: Bumich - Without You

Bumich - Without You

Take a catchy melody, dose it into a carefully arranged pushing baseline, seasoning it with some fancy vocal slices and pinch it with a typical bumich sound. Now you get a peaktime Deep House track which elevates you directly to the dancefloor. Seveneves Records presents the new song “Without You” from Bumich.

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Cover: Calligra

Calligra & Jake Dile – AlgoRhythm

Calligra & Jake Dile comin with their collab “AlgoRhythm” on Seveneves Records. The name "Calligra" is derived from "calligraphy", the art of beautiful writing. So “Calligra” stands for the art and beauty of music.The guys are signed to Laidback Luke’s Publishing Company and got support from Sidney Samson, Blasterjaxx , D.O.D. and more...

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Cover: MIAMI EVE 2017 Seveneves Compilation

MIAMI EVE 2017 Seveneves Compilation

Seveneves Records presents its MIAMI EVE 2017 Seveneves Compilation! The sampler features 24 first-class tracks and a DJ mix. You can expect the best Deephouse, House and Future House sounds compiled by Hofmann & Weigold. This includes selected and partly unpublished productions by Nico Pusch... 

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Cover: Dexter Curtin

Dexter Curtin & Marcus Jahn – Dreamcatcher

With “Dreamcatcher”, Dexter Curtin & Marcus Jahn produced a common track. Profound melodies, harmonic basslines and a pushing techno beat make this song a first-rate piece of music. Both artists are already successful with their productions on Seveneves Records. Let it be night, close your eyes and dance to “Dreamcatcher”! 

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Cover: Lasca - One Day Off

Lasca - One Day Off

The German producer Lasca says: “I produce all kinds of electronic music that just comes to my mind”. With "One Day Off", he introduces a deep house production that describes the feeling on a worry-free day In summer with a sun and a gentle breeze. A beautiful song for a relaxed warm up.

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Cover: Thomas Krings - The Funk

Thomas Krings - The Funk

Thomas Krings presents after "Come In" and "With Me" his third track on Seveneves Records! His new work "The Funk" is a driving Tech House production with a distinctive vocal sample. An exciting song for the wide use in House and Tech House sets.

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Cover: Fondz - Rock And Roll

Fondz - Rock And Roll

The producer Duo Fondz from Ukraine is already releasing their third track on Seveneves Records. Explosive like a firework, this Peaktime House song "Rock And Roll" is moving forward. Ideal for use in any Peaktime set.

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Cover: Maltango - Besa Morocha

Maltango - Besa Morocha

The song "Besa Morocha" by the argentinian artists “Maltango” is a new tango interpretation. This style is called the Argentine Neotango. The music based on traditional tango roots and was mixed with electronic music, violins, a bandoneon, english and argentine lyrics. An experimental song, which can be used in warm up sets.

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Cover: Kozmas - Triptychon

Kozmas - Triptychon & Icons

The artist Kozmas comes from Athens in Greece. He presents his two outstanding techno productions on Seveneves Records. With "Icons" and "Triptychon" he immediately enthuse the techno lover. Driving drumsets with impulsive basslines make the tracks usable everywhere. We warmly welcome Kozmas to our label.  

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Cover: Jay Frog

Jay Frog & Patrick Hofmann feat. Alexandra Prince - Keep On Searching

Jay Frog and Patrick Hofmann have been producing high-quality productions for many years as solo artists. Both have often good chart positions in various dancecharts. The result with the singer Alexandra Prince is a great house production with a lot of feeling for the wide use on the dance floor.  

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Cover: Hofmann

Hofmann & Weigold - EVE

Hofmann & Weigold release their 100th track called "EVE" on their label Seveneves Records that is celebrating its two-year anniversary on February 10th. Their first track "Ease" reached already national and international successes. "EVE" is a deep and at the same time powerful track, ideal for the club. What a massive tune!  

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Cover: Alex Greed - Tilt

Alex Greed - Tilt

In 2016, Alex Greed dropped two time bombs with epic vocals from german singer and songwriter, Jay Valleé. Both tracks, "I Am Here" and "Alive" featured Fil Alberga have successfully increased Alex's international fanbase. He'll be releasing a new track dedicated to the 90's: "Tilt".  

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Cover: Nico

Nico & Adam - Alright

Nico & Adam are two friends and passionate DJs who have house music in their heads and often create surprises. With "Alright" they land their first clubhouse burner on Seveneves Records. Beautiful piano chords, catchy vocals with gentle violin sounds make "Alright" to perfect deep house tune.

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Cover: Jack Lack - KODO

Jack Lack - KODO

Jack Lack is back with his new release called “KODO” on Seveneves Records. This Future House track has a catchy break melody and a nice electro drop for your Maintime Set. Jack Lack proves again his feeling for the dancefloor.  

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Cover: LOONAFON - Depths Ocean

LOONAFON - Depths Ocean

LOONAFON from Izmail (Odessa / Ukraine) is an artist from the project Fondz. Also as a solo artist he can inspire with beautiful productions. His new song "Depths Ocean" is ideal for relaxation and reflection. We welcome the young producer on Seveneves Records. 

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Cover: Spooker feat. Mella - Keep Me Going

Spooker feat.Mella - Keep Me Going

Edinburgh-based artist, Spooker, presents 'Keep Me Going' - a fist pumping, foot stomping future house track. Featuring a rolling baseline, 90s piano melody and beautifully emotive vocals from Nashville-based country singer Mella, this track is sure to keep you going on the dance floor. 

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Cover: Fondz - Way To Start

Fondz - Way To Start

The last Seveneves Records release in 2016 comes from the producers Duo Fondz from Ukraine. With the appropriate name "Way To Start" the two give the starting shot for 2017. A first-class music production with an unmistakable melody and way of playing. And another production is already in the pipeline.

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Cover: Sherwee feat Melo Dee - Du

Sherwee feat.Melo Dee - Du & Ich

Sherwee feat. Canze achieved good chart positions with his first release "Wolkentanz" on Seveneves Records. His follow-up "Du & Ich" was produced by the berlin DJ together with singer Melo Dee. A german text and her great voice along with memorable melodies make this deep pop song special.

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Cover: Antonio Alterino - About You

Antonio Alterino - About You

After his debut "Closer" and Follow Up “Story” Antonio Alterino presents his third release “About You” on Seveneves Records. He found his love for music as a child when he danced to the classical elctronic tune 'Pump up the Jam' by Technotronic. 

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Cover: Daniel Slam - Feel The Love

Daniel Slam - Feel The Love

Daniel Slam has already released the song "Storm" on Seveneves Records. Now follows a strong House track called "Feel The Love". A nice melody, first class vocals and a great final implementation make this track special. As usual, a Soul'D'Out Remix will complete the pack.

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