Cover: Hochanstaendig

Hochanstaendig & Patrick Hofmann - Connected

After two remixes on Seveneves Records follow the first single by Hochanstaendig and Patrick Hofmann - a highly explosive Peaktime Future House Bomb with hit potential.  With "Connected" both artists start the winter season and will leave a lasting impression on the floors of the clubs.

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Cover: Giuseppe De Renzo - Everybody

Giuseppe De Renzo - Everybody

Giuseppe De Renzo was born in Venosa, Italy. Over the years he always found more pleasure in different genres. But he is most influenced by Techno, Techhouse, Tribal and Deep House. And his first release on Seveneves Records called “Everybody“ reflects this passion perfectly in one track. Deep dark bassline, down pitched vocals and epic pads are making this release unique.

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Cover: Chris Packer - Random

Chris Packer - Random

Another impressive Seveneves Records debut comes from the german artist Chris Packer. DJing is the vocation to bring pleasure and joy to the dance floor - and he do it with great success. Chris Packer decided to take his passion for music to another level. The result is the Progressive House monster called „Random" which strikes with massive energy.

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Cover: Matthias Weise - Safari

Matthias Weise - Safari

Jungle, urban, dance floor! Driven by drums, basslines, high heads and sub bass! Always on the hunt for prey, the exciting life or the experience. That seems to be like a Safari. An everlasting travel! His new minimal techno production describes exactly that. Matthias Weise was successful with "Echoes" on Seveneves Records.

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Cover: D-Wax - Believe In Me

D-Wax - Believe In Me

Davor Pavelic aka Worda from Sarajevo is one of the leading producers and DJs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With his new project called "D-Wax" he wants to express his talent for Deep House music, that succeeds exceptionally well. His Single "Believe In Me” contains the Original and the “Yuriy from Russia” Remix.

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Cover: USB Players feat.Philip Braun - Stars

USB Players feat.Philip Braun - Stars & Stripes

The aspiring german DJs and producers USB Players presents their new track "Stars and Stripes". Together with singer and songwriter Philip Braun they created an unique and powerful song. Supported by Oliver Heldens, Bougenvilla, DBN and a total number of over 1 million plays on YouTube, USB Players are for sure one of the most promising artists of the scene.

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Cover: D-Wax - Without You EP

D-Wax - Without You EP

Davor Pavelic aka Worda from Sarajevo is one of the leading producers and DJs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With his new project called "D-Wax" he wants to express his talent for Deep House music, that succeeds exceptionally well. His "Without You EP” contains the two tracks "Without You" and "Halifax". We are very excited to have D-Wax on board.

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Cover: Hofmann

Hofmann & Weigold feat.Anna S. - Spread Love

Hofmann & Weigold made it with their first track “Ease” on the latest About:Berlin Compilation 11 and with their new interpretation of “Spread Love” they have created an absolut catchy cover version of "Spread Love". The distinctive vocals of singer Anna S. and the Future House Remix of Patrick Hofmann give this package a new and unique character.

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Cover: ADE 2015 Seveneves Sampler

ADE 2015 Seveneves Sampler

The Amsterdam Dance Event is part of the largest “get-together” of the European music scene in every year, where artists meet labels, music managers and thousands of party people from all genre of electronic music scene. This versatility reflects the ADE 2015 Seveneves Sampler again.

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Cover: Marcus Jahn - Um8 EP (Vor8

Marcus Jahn - Um8 EP (Vor8 & Nach8)

Every day has 24 hours! Whether before 8 or after 8! Marcus Jahn presents his EP called "Um8" with two awesome Minimal Techno tracks "Vor8" and "Nach8". The advent of the techno scene in his hometown Leipzig in the reunited Germany inspired him decisively and influenced him to this day.


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Cover Tom Glombik - Move On

Tom Glombik - Move On

After his release "Awusia" and "Stay" on Seveneves Records Tom Glombik excited again with a strong track called "Move On". With fresh sounds, joyful vocals and a catchy beat, he makes a true masterpiece. This adds "Move On" to the Deephouse Collection of Seveneves Records.

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Cover: IBIZA CLOSING 2015 Seveneves Sampler

IBIZA CLOSING 2015 Seveneves Sampler

Seveneves Records presents the brandnew IBIZA CLOSING 2015 Compilation. This Sampler contains 13 excellent tracks and a DJ mix with pure Ibiza Feeling. You expect the best Deephouse, NuDisco, Uplifting and Future House Sounds with partly unreleased tracks.

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Cover AirDice - You

AirDice - You & Me

With the desire to be unique, the german artist AirDice began his career as a producer and DJ. His greatest achievements include his track "Tu Bie" and the awesome "First Love" Remix for "Filou". His Follow up "You & Me" is a brilliant Deephouse song that does not get out of your head! Perfect for warm late summer evenings.

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Cover Patrick Hofmann

Patrick Hofmann & Soundplayerzz - MATTER

Good music is good music - what else "does not MATTER". This thought came to the artists Soundplayerzz and Patrick Hofmann, as "MATTER" was created! Both artists are well-known German artists who produce consistently good music. “MATTER" brings emotional House breaks with progressive Future House danceparts together.

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Cover Out Law - LEAO

Out Law - LEAO

Oscar Vizcaino from Spain has been successful as "Out Law" with many electronic productions. His track named "LEAO" is unique, has a special groove and realy cool vocal samples. We welcome the spanish artist “Out Law” at Seveneves Records.

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Cover Jommes Tatze

Jommes Tatze & Desmo - These Days

Jommes Tatze & Desmo present their new collaboration called "These Days". The basic idea for this track wrote the artist Desmo a bit earlier. Later the original progressive dance synths were refreshed with the typical Deep House Sound of Jommes Tatze. A production that serves all frequencies. 

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Cover Hin

Hin & Her - Grünzeug EP

"Hin & Her" is a talented artist from Cologne. His first EP has the unusual german name “Grünzeug”! With his music he wants to go his own way. So it is not suprising, that the two tracks of his EP called “Gemüseteller” and “Obstsalat” With deep melancholic synths and an impulsive sound “Hin & Her” will expanded the Electronica scene with these two delicacies.

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Cover Bumich - Sphere

Bumich - Sphere

With his track "Sphere" for Seveneves Records the producer and DJ Bumich creats a melodic anthem with a deep atmospheric groove. The first release "Trompetenkäfer" (Spielbox, 2014) jumped up to several compilations such as About:Berlin from Universal Music. His activity as experienced DJ helping him to find the right feeling for the memorizing melodies in his productions.

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Cover Tom Glombik - Stay

Tom Glombik - Stay

With his first release "Awusia" on Seveneves Records and the enormously positive feedback. Tom Glombik has won the hearts of his listeners. His follow-up "Stay" is the perfect addition and is completely convincing. First-rate harmonic house music, which is thought-provoking and to listen nicely!

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Cover Patrick Hofmann

Patrick Hofmann & Danez - Trombone

What happens when you combine a trombone, a cool house groove and edited vocals together? A great composition, interpreted by Patrick Hofmann and Danez, that will definitely turn into a big club tune. With the matching name "Trombone" this track gives individuality for all those House lovers. 

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IBIZA OPENING 2015 Seveneves Sampler

IBIZA OPENING 2015 - Seveneves Sampler

Seveneves Records starts the beginning of Ibiza Session 2015 with the "Ibiza Opening 2015 - Seveneves Sampler". The Deep & House Vibes by artists such as USB Players, Hofmann & Weigold, Tom Glombik, Marcelo Wallace and Lorenzo Tracks reflect the magic of the island. For warm ups and long journeys grab the exclusive DJ Mix by Hofmann & Weigold.

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Cover AirDice

AirDice & P.Johnsen - Hey Chica

AirDice and P.Johnsen make music for heart and soul. Their collaboration with name "Hey Chica" promises exactly this. A realy beautiful melody combines with a soulful bassline and a driving groove. Definitely a highlight of Deephouse Collection of Seveneves Records.

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Cover Normann Gravis - Headsick

Normann Gravis - Headsick

Normann Gravis is the head of Asyncron® Recordings and comes up with his debut single Headsick! A big pumpin floorfiller with deep basslines and massive violin phrases together with his own voice. A second "Dark Edit" revealed the dark side if you are infected by a headsick. This release is a realy fat techno bomb that will you punch directly.

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Cover PH!L - All I Want

PH!L - All I Want

PH!L makes music with heart and soul. His latest released track on Armada Deep Records is an adorable proof of his talent as musician. With "All I Want" PH!L presents a perfect Deephouse track with soulful melodies, solid bassline and unique vocal samples. A perfect follow up with so much feeling.

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Cover Johnny Pana - Ruckus

Johnny Pana - Ruckus

Johnny Pana from Australia is a dj, producer, & remixer currently making his mark in the deep house, tech house and techno scene. His release ‘Ruckus’ is a mixture of tension, to get the feet tapping, and bass to get the soul moving. 'A-bee (UK)'s remix accompanies the release, providing a more underground vibe.

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