SCALA is back with a new sound, perfect for the summer. After several releases in the field of melodic techno, his new track "Crush" is a small leap in the direction of Afro House. With this track, he takes up the theme of summer love in a melodic, rhythmic concept.

Thomas Krings discovered his fascination for electronic sounds in 1997. Music production magazines and tutorials became his nightly reading. He spent his free time exclusively in the recording studio. After more than ten works, the first track "Come in" was released in 2016 under the label Seveneves Records.

They prove this with their track "Kryptonite", which was released on Evitative Records in 2022. A musical synthesis of their previous tracks, crowned with a catchy vocal that burrows deep into the ear canals to make itself comfortable in the earworm room.

Patrick Post is a young DJ and producer from Poland who produces cool house and tech house sounds. In collaboration with German producer Toni The MmG, this top notch house production called "I Can Tell You Stop" was created.

Ludwig Nylow, FOSSUS and Tahiti Snow present "Takatam Digitam", a spectacular tech house production with a catchy oriental melody and unmistakably driving vocal samples to accompany a driving beat. All of this together is sure to have the following effect: To make you dance!

With his new single "Back Arround", which he produced together with "Marque S", "Smilelix" celebrates his debut on Seveneves Records.

"Miroquai" is a producer from Poland who dabbles in various genres of electronic music and produces individual and distinctive tracks. His third track to be released on Seveneves Records is called "Day By Day".

Amaya" is a first-class organic house production to listen to and enjoy! After the five songs "Delia", "Distraction", "Circle", "Hyda" and "Organic", this track is already the sixth in this series. Patrick Hofmann, with over 25 years of experience in the music business and unbridled enthusiasm for electronic dance music ...

"Jan De Clerk" is a producer from Düsseldorf and specializes in the production of club-oriented house music. His new EP called "Into The Plane" consists of two first-class house tracks that convince with beautiful melodies and vocal samples in addition to the typical house groove.

NICK LEYS is a DJ and producer from the south of Germany. With his sound of dance paired with future house, he creates a sound that not only gets young people dancing. His new track on Seveneves Records is called "The Weekend" and is a rousing track that is made for the dance floor!

If you imagine a world without colors, everything would be dark, the sea and the sky would not be blue, the plants and trees would not be green, the sunshine would not be yellow. Antonio Alterino wants to bring color into life with his music and has created a musical masterpiece with his new production "Colors".

DJ Deelex, Jake Dile and John Mor3x produced the joint track "Never Fall" together with the up-and-coming singer Cajus Etienne, which perfectly combines the genres of hypertechno and trance.

The German producer and DJ "KzH" and singer "Shanreea" release their second song "9 To 5" on Seveneves Records. Their new song "9 To 5" is an anthem for all those who have to go to work but would rather do other nicer things. Music often helps us to get through the day in a positive way. The track radiates a good feeling.

"Keep Dancing" is a song that was created with the idea of combining progressive house music with the atmosphere of the 90s. The vocals of the song are meant to relate to old school parties and the melody line is a combination of club sounds and pop music. The balance of different types of dance music in this song gives it an amazing sound that makes the listener dance.

Jahn Solo is a Copenhagen-based DJ and producer. His latest work is called "Vivido", which is made up of Vivid and Libido. The message is clear: Make love. Have fun.

House music for a lifetime: where Ibiza vibes meet classic house tunes, DJ and producer "Blackspin" from Berlin feels at home! According to him, no other genre is as timeless as house and creates such a positive atmosphere.

"Miroquai" is a producer from Poland who dabbles in various genres of electronic music and produces individual and distinctive tracks. The second track he has released on Seveneves Records is called "Close To Us".

Seveneves Records presents "Berlin Eves Vol.5", a colorful and high quality collection of released tracks from Seveneves and Evitative Records at the end of 2023.

"Aphra" is a DJ and producer from Cancún, Mexico. His style is based on strong basses combined with delicate melodies that incorporate other unexpected sounds. He is currently working with More Beats Records in Mexico, Radiator Of Sound Records in Barcelona, Deep House Natural Records in Montenegro and Mystery Freedom in the Netherlands.

Up-and-coming artist "Ludwig Nylow" is now taking off with his new tech house project. His debut track "Party With My Crew" on Seveneves Records features catchy and unique leads and focuses on danceability. His goal is to innovate tech house by combining new sounds with oldschool elements.

Hofmann & Weigold are producers for Nudisco, Deep House & House Music. Both have been successful DJs and producers for over a decade.

DJ Timstar is a passionate DJ and producer from Germany. His productions on Housesession Records, S2G Productions and Tiger Records speak for themselves!

"Miroquai" is a producer from Poland who dabbles in various genres of electronic music and produces individual and distinctive tracks.

The Amsterdam Dance Event is one of the biggest get-togethers of the European music scene, where artists, labels, music managers and thousands of party people from all genres of the electronic music scene meet.

German producer "7EANDRO" has created "Johera", a captivating African Tech House track that combines the infectious rhythms of Afrobeat with the pulsating energy of Tech House.

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