"Feel to Fly" is the latest work of Italian DJ and producer Mario Carbonaro. With this track he wants to convey the pleasant feeling that immediately puts the listener..

Italian DJ and producer Fabio Blangero releases his first track called "Way More Time" under "BiEFFE". He has already been busy as a DJ since 2002, loves different genres of music, but brings his current preference..

Van de Bell is a producer team from Germany, consisting of Ken Voß and Guido Speth, who specialise in club-oriented house music..

"Carl Paruka" from Germany is a young and upcoming DJ and producer. His new deep house track " Can You See The Sun" describes summer, has soulful melodies and invites the listener to dance with a driving beat. Listen, enjoy and feel the vibe!

"German DJ Contest 2020" Winner "Valentino Vines" teamed up with Seveneves Records Head Jake Dile and produced a winning House Banger for fans of..

"No Paradise" by Irish artist Cajoco is a deep tropical house track with an emphasis on chilling drums and..

The first release on Seveneves Records from Swiss Dj and producer Fred Linger is called ''For You'' and is a groovy house track with..

"Music is medicine of the mind" (John A. Logan). Music inspires the imagination. Fantasies are images and sounds in our minds that also move the body. "Mental Picture" by Alex Freud's and Patrick Hofmann's as their first joint project wants to get into the heads..

Loud Delay are a producer and DJ team from Austria. With "Ibizarossa" they release their first track on the German label Seveneves Records. "Ibizarossa" is a summery house track with a unique groove and melodic elements..

Mjölnir is a German producer of electronic dance music. Since his childhood he has been passionately listening to Trance, Progressive House and Big Room. Electronic music has a special effect on him, which is why he decided to create his own productions in 2014. As a child he played several instruments..

Kev Kleinfeldt is a German producer who releases his second song "I Feel You"! A summery piano house track that not only works in the club, but fits..

With the new single "Lost in Space" the German producer & DJ Dany Dutch goes into a slightly different music direction. The production consists.

Dan Bass aka Daniel Ołdyński is a DJ and producer from Poland. With "The Game" he brings out his first..


DJ and sound producer Stashion from Russia releases his first single "Body And Soul" on Seveneves Records. A first class deep house production that will make your mind wander and is guaranteed..


The Russian DJ and sound engineer Sharapov from Moscow and Patrick Hofmann from Germany are mainly connected by music. Tracks and remixes by Sharapov can be heard on the best radio stations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Europe. Releases on many European top labels..


With his debut single "Sea Fret", Cologne-based producer Klondyke combines the energy of a bass house track with the atmospheric warmth of analog synths. Press play and feel the energy. We welcome Kondyke to Seveneves Records.

The Swedish Future House artist "Will Fast" presents his new track "Everything" again on Seveneves Records. Will Fast describes himself as a charismatic and talented DJ. The energy of his performances can be compared with a spectacle of colours..

TobeyBeats is a young producer from Germany, who sets value on a unique sound and which should stand out from others. To achieve this, he does a lot of sound design and records acoustic instruments to create individual sounds for his purposes. The song "Lose My Mind" is already the second production..


The labelheads of Seveneves Records are besides their project Hofmann & Weigold also known as solo artists. Jake Dile stands for distinctive sound and guarantees igniting performances, which are appreciated by colleagues and fans and inspire nationally as well as internationally. In 2008 the first official releases followed..

Jamiekoko is a producer from Sydney and loves all styles of electronic music and in particular the genre of house. He started listening to electronic music from a young age and his first experience producing was when he found a basic program from a cereal packet, and instantly began researching..


Hofmann & Weigold have stood for qualitative and high-quality music productions for almost 10 years. The tracks of the two labelheads of Seveneves Records often end up in playlists of influential DJs like Don Diablo & EDX and find a large audience. Their single "About Us" reached over 4.6 million on YouTube..

"Sajo" from North Macedonia is a DJ and producer with over 12 years of experience. Started in small clubs in his city, he soon played all over the country. Later he started playing in neighboring countries like Greece, Albania, Croatia and also in Egypt. As a producer..


Van de Bell is a producer team from Germany, consisting of Ken Voß and Guido Speth, who specialize in club-oriented house music. Guido has already produced remixes (with other partners) for "The Weather Girls", "Marky Mark" etc. and could land a chart hit with "Marta". We are happy that after two EPs.


DJ and producer Lekuz started his musical journey in 2020 with his first release "Take Me Far Away". He releases his music on many labels and is passionate about different genres. His new single "Another Mistake" comes..


With "Akhan Jor" DJ & Producer Jake Dile moves for the first time into fast BPM realms and shows his home in different styles again. With 138 BPM Psy-Trance Power Aakhan Jor is an exotic work for the Future House / Bass House producer. The inspiration for this was the singer Sarandev..

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