"Music is medicine of the mind" (John A. Logan). Music inspires the imagination. Fantasies are images and sounds in our minds that also move the body. "Mental Picture" by Alex Freud's and Patrick Hofmann's as their first joint project wants to get into the heads..

Mjölnir is a German producer of electronic dance music. Since his childhood he has been passionately listening to Trance, Progressive House and Big Room. Electronic music has a special effect on him, which is why he decided to create his own productions in 2014. As a child he played several instruments..

Dan Bass aka Daniel Ołdyński is a DJ and producer from Poland. With "The Game" he brings out his first..


The labelheads of Seveneves Records are besides their project Hofmann & Weigold also known as solo artists. Jake Dile stands for distinctive sound and guarantees igniting performances, which are appreciated by colleagues and fans and inspire nationally as well as internationally. In 2008 the first official releases followed..

With "Akhan Jor" DJ & Producer Jake Dile moves for the first time into fast BPM realms and shows his home in different styles again. With 138 BPM Psy-Trance Power Aakhan Jor is an exotic work for the Future House / Bass House producer. The inspiration for this was the singer Sarandev..

Jakle is a DJ and producer and releases regularly on Seveneves Records. His future house sound is convincing again and again. The brand new track "Shots" is..



The new collaboration of Krasno and BASTL from Southern Germany is called "Higher Place" and convinces with a catchy vocal..


Clay Piller aka Clay Pirinha is a multi-genre producer who creates tracks in Future House, Tropical House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno and Trance and everything in between. He is one of the most talented and wildest DJs..


The artist "Rudess" from Turkey produces since the age of 15 years. Meanwhile he is 20 years old, plays piano himself and has produced a lot of tracks. Three songs, "Go Away", "Feel It" and "Beautiful" can be found on his 1st EP..


With "Gin Tonic" the producers Jake Dile, Ton Don, Tobias Kuehl and Mike Tczops give us a track from the genre Future House that should be fun. A catchy trumpet riff, paired with driving bass house..


Max Vega is a young producer from Russia. He started his career in 1999 and is the founder of the DeepSea project. He released on labels like Total Freedom Recordings, Bang it!, Club Restricted, Oh! My Bass, Deep Bear Recordings and now also..

JAKLE from Germany brings out "Love The Way You Do", his third release on Seveneves Records. Fat future house..


The DJ and producer duo WhiteCapMusic started their journey in 2018 on the label Seveneves Records. With singer Anne Singer, the official cover of "Learning To Fly" was released as the first song of WhiteCapMusic. Meanwhile they have over 40.000 plays on Spotify and are ...

Maurice Burgbacher is a German producer of electronic dance music. Since his childhood he has been passionately listening to Trance, Progressive House and Big Room. Electronic music has a special effect on him, which is why he decided to create his own productions in 2014. As a child he played..

With "Berührung 2.0" the producers Tobias Kuehl and Jake Dile give us a new interpretation of the well-known Sidney King song "Berührung". Sidney King sings with his soulful and powerful voice about the courage to trust a new love..

The track "Loneliness" was created during two months of forced loneliness in spring 2020. Merovingio Deejay is an Italian DJ and producer with over 20 years in the music business, especially as a guitarist. For more than 5 years he has dedicated himself exclusively to DJing and producing music. Today, with over 800.000 streams on Spotify and thousands of radio plays worldwide,

JAKLE – Don´t Wake Me Up

JAKLE from Germany brings out his second release on Seveneves Records with "Don't Wake Me up". Fat future house sound with catchy vocals that brings every festival to life.

DanBeatz – Castle In The Sky

DanBeatz is a young dedicated DJ and producer from Germany, who gained attention as a DJ with his deep house sets. His first single "Castle In The Sky" is released on Seveneves Records. Real club sound with catchy vocal samples. whose energy is hard to escape.

Will Fast – Where Are You

The Swedish Future House artist "Will Fast" presents his new track "Where Are You" again on Seveneves Records.  Will Fast described himself as a ...

Maurice Burgbacher - Fever

Maurice Burgbacher is a producer and DJ from the south of Germany. He dedicates his productions primarily to the genres Progressive House and Techno.

Jakle - Fire

The producer JAKLE from Germany convinces with his new Future House production "Fire" on Seveneves Records.

David Klarx - Brass Drop

David Klarx is an experienced producer from Lyon in France.  Many of his productions and remixes have made their way into the club scene. With "Brass Drop" he..

Lara Liqueur - Cheese

Who is Lara Liqueur? A crazy german drag queen who inspires, entertains and polarizes. She is known and loved as a drag DJ, presenter and walking act. For her..

DJ LXS – Coming Down

DJ LXS is a DJ and current producer from Switzerland. He has played house music in all variations, which is incorporated into his current productions. Today his focus is on..

Cultrise – It Was

Cultrise are two artists from Russia, who together delivered a great Peaktime production. Beautiful melodies paired with a crispy beat make their new track "It Was" absolutely..

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