Andy LaToggo - Citylights

Andy LaToggo is back. He has been traveling the world for the last few years and collecting inspiration. Now he works with high pressure on new own productions. With "Citylights" the German DJ and producer makes his..


SashaG - Sunrise

SashaG was born in 1991 in Germany, is a DJ and producer and loves music. He expresses this love in many of his productions. He already had a remix for..


Jack Lack - Eyes

Jack Lack releases his new track „Eyes“ on Seveneves Records with a typical bassline and cool vocals. An absolutely playable and danceable..


Divotion – Time Is Back

Two DJs with sound in the blood and bass in the heart? That sounds like Alex Dilair and Vantino. The Dj Duo from Bremen from Germany got to know each other for the first time at work in 2016, where they quickly realized that they were surfing on the same sound wave and founded their project Divotion!

Kai van Bjonik - Bionics

After a break of two years, Kai van Bjonik from Berlin returns musically. His sound is now driving, more garish and animate to dance! His release "Bionics" includes the catchy original track, an electro mix and the Eniac Remix.

Tonderra - Vibe

After his release on Seveneves Records with the "DREAM EP", Tonderra is back with his next single "Vibe"! A track about good vibrations, flow and energy. The melody leads you into a journey of imagination. The rhythm is about the white island Ibiza, which should let you forget...

Revelz - Northern Lights

The new song by Revelz was created in the summer of 2017 by playing on the keyboard. A song called "Northern Lights" that developed over a long period of time and was refined...

DJ Cream - Ass Clap

The German DJ Contest winner 2017 DJ CREAM presents his dancehall track "Ass Clap" on Seveneves Records. With it’s straight beat, a hook suitable for the dancefloor and the pushing vocal...

Will Fast - In You

The Swedish Future House artist "Will Fast" presents his new track with the beautiful name "In You", which carries the notes of sun and love! Will Fast described himself as a charismatic and talented DJ. The energy of his performances can be compared to a spectacle of colors and emotions..

Tonderra - Dream EP

Tonderra debutes with his first ever solo release. After the remix of Dominic Shepan's single "Evolve" he is back on Seveneves Records with the "DREAM EP". It has always been his dream to release a solo material. Tonderra is an artist, who tries to combine groovy and progressive elements into one production....

Jack Lack - Down

Jack Lack releases his new track DOWN on Seveneves Records with a typical bassline and beautiful vocals. An absolutely playable and danceable song that guarantees hot club nights.

Revelz - Beach ´n Palms

The song takes Revelz new style, which already exudes a lot of summer feeling. Inspired by the Love Parade, his claim is to bring people to celebrate. With his new track called “Beach'n Palms” you have to dance. We welcome German artist Revelz to Seveneves Records.

Will Fast - Erase You

Gives love and you are loved! Do not make your partner decide to end the relationship. Do not let your love tell you that I'm leaving to forget you. This is how Will Fast describes his new Future House track "Erase You". The 163rd release will be released at New Year's Eve 2017 on Seveneves Records and exemplifies a fresh start. Happy New Year.

Dominic Shepan

Dominic Shepan and Jay Vallée go all out. The powerful Future House track convinces with soft vocals of the singer Jay Vallée. Dominic Shepan presents in his debut single striking piano and synth sounds, which go forward along with a good danceable beat. In addition, remixes by Marcelos Pi & Swooney, Fil Alberga and Tonderra are listed in this release. First class work!

Will Fast – You Are My

With this release, "You Are My" the Swedish artist “Will Fast” describes that the summer sun not only warms our hearts, but also that different hearts fall in love. His production has a lot of experience, which makes him a career as DJ and producer. We say "Hello" to “Will Fast” with his first production on Seveneves Records.

Marcel Martenez - Now or Never

Marcel Martenez delivers with his new single a soulful Peaktime House track with deep basslines, rhythmic piano chords and a characteristic melody. “Now Or Never” is the name of his track he made for the dancefloor. Marcel Martenez first single on Seveneves Records is completed by remixes from "The Housejunkee" and "Core & Sørensen."

Calligra, Jake Dile

Calligra & Jake Dile teamed up with “The Trixx” for their new track „Fall For You“. The last collab „AlgoRhythm“ had big support by Laidback Luke, Joachim Garraud and Timmy Trumpet. „Fall For You“ is a massive Future House collab and a honorable follow up on Seveneves Records.

Archelli Findz - My Heart Is Broken

With this release "My Heart Is Broken", Archelli Findz from Kazakhstan creates a new style in his musical activities, which is long-lasting and constantly. He has a lot of experience in his production, which he owes to his 6 years of career as a DJ and producer. We say “Hello” to Archelli Findz with his first production on Seveneves Records.

Alex Greed

The song “Lost in emotions” is the latest outcome of Alex Greed´s and Jay Vallee´s collaboration. At first, both artists didn’t want to produce another piece of music but then one thing led to another and suddenly they found themselves coming together again...

Fondz - Pulling Me Down

The producer Duo Fondz from Ukraine is already releasing their fourth track on Seveneves Records. A great catchy text combined with a nice melody and great vocal samples make this downtempo future bass song called "Pulling Me Down" unique. Definitely contemporary.

Jack Lack - Baseclap

Jack Lack is back with his new release called "Baseclap" on Seveneves Records. This Future House track has a catchy break melody and a nice electro drop for your maintime set. Jack Lack proves again his feeling for the dancefloor.

Robin Stoll, Matera

Lion Cage is an upcoming Festival in Germany (Leverkusen). "Adrenaline" represent the official Anthem 2017 of Lion Cage Festival. Robin Stoll & Matera teamed up with Timbo and delivered a real banger with a huge melody and a massive "jump drop". Perfect for the Festival season 2017!


Originally coming from the Progressive House, PROMI5E completely changed his sound in 2016. Two powerful Future House remixes have caught the attention of some bigger DJ names last year. With “F.T.B.” PROMI5E is diving even deeper into his new sound mixing filthy G-house vocals with a strong future house bassline that will heat up dancefloors at any time. We welcome PROMI5E on Seveneves Records.

Cover: Markus Poley - Get High

Music is the passion of Markus Poley. Already his first single "My Life" was released on Seveneves Records last year and could celebrate some chart entries. Now his follow up "Get High" appears. A convincing peaktime house track that invites you to dance.

Cover: Calligra

Calligra & Jake Dile comin with their collab “AlgoRhythm” on Seveneves Records. The name "Calligra" is derived from "calligraphy", the art of beautiful writing. So “Calligra” stands for the art and beauty of music.The guys are signed to Laidback Luke’s Publishing Company and got support from Sidney Samson, Blasterjaxx , D.O.D. and more...