SashaG feat. SARAH – Come With Me

SashaG was born in 1991 in Germany, is a DJ and producer and loves music. He expresses this love in many of his productions. He had already released a remix for Hofmann & Weigold "Eve" on Seveneves Records, now he convinced with his...

Jil Tanner – Encantado

Hofmann & Weigold from Germany are producers for Deep House & House music. Both are successful DJs and producers for over a decade. Since the establishment of their own Label "Seveneves Records" in 2015 consists...

Archelli Findz - Paradise Coming Down

With this release “Paradise Coming Down", Archelli Findz from Kazakhstan creates a new style in his musical activities, which is long-lasting and constantly. He has a lot of experience in his production, which he owes to his 6 years of career as a DJ and producer. We say “Hello” to Archelli Findz with his first production on Seveneves Records.

Patrick Hofmann

Patrick Hofmann & Danez presents their new release “Take Back” on Seveneves Records. Both have been working together successfully and had been releases on S2G-Productions ("Freak Out") and RUN DBN Records ("Hannah") and on Seveneves Records (“I See You” & “Trombone”). Check out their new Deep House Track with a deep vibe and awesome vocals. A powerful remix by Tom Glombik completes the package.

MIYM - Come Home

MIYM is a german dj and producer. With his new title “Come Home” he is presented a modern and powerful deep house track. Welcome to Seveneves Records.

E.M.C.K. – Go Back Home

The German producer E.M.C.K, who has already released several productions on the established label Housesession and remixes on TBM / Armada Music, is now releasing a strong Follow Up EP on Seveneves Records. After his previous tracks "Lovesick" and "Chillout" and a first class orchestral remix from “Hofmann & Weigold - Eve" E.M.C.K. produced two beautiful tracks with striking vocals and catchy melodies.

ArtLec - Spume

After his last hits White Bay, Barcelona, Bright Sky and Falling Stars which were supported and played by Avicii, Nora en Pure, EDX and Pete Tong and got more than 1.000.000 streams on spotify the rising german artist ArtLec releases his new track 'Spume'.

Antonio Alterino - Mi Cha

Antonio Alterino can now be described as a strong column in the Seveneves family. With the tracks "Closer", "Story" and "About You" he already released wonderful titles on Seveneves Records. His latest work “Mi Cha” goes in the direction of Latin coupled with electronic beats.


Hofmann & Weigold released their 100th track called "EVE" on their label Seveneves Records that was celebrating its two-year anniversary on February 10th. The Original was supported by Don Diablo, Swanky Tunes, Pretty Pink and Deep Mix Nation! Now follows a worthy follow-up called "Reasons". 

Smoking Tunes - Something Better

Smoking Tunes release their first single "Something Better" on Seveneves Records. With fantastic remixes by AirDice and Hannes Palmowski, a varied and unmistakable single release was released.

Thomas K. feat. Malina - Black To Grey

Producer, singer and songwriter Thomas K. has worked successfully for many years as a producer for renowned hip hop artists. He produces with great passion and attention to detail. He has the talent to make his songs absolutely unique. Also with "Black To Grey" Thomas K. has created a great Deep House song with emotional harmonies. 

Elis M. Feeling

Elis M. Feeling from Greece began to play music in 1998 and started also with DJing and producing. He hosted the popular radio show "Club Kiss" in his hometown Patras. In 2005, he co-founded the label "Kinky Basement Productions" and works as DJ and A&R manager for this label. Elis played in many clubs in Greece and the Balkan region, such as "Kinky Fridays" and "Friends Gathering"...

Misc 17 - Stop, Play EP

We welcome the Trio Misc 17 on Seveneves Records. With their EP "Stop, Play" the three young producers from the UK deliver two wonderful deep house tracks. Electronic soulful housemusic with chopped and pitched vocals. Well done

Rueckenwind – Truth

Rico Hartmann from Dresden and Raphael Bernard from Berlin are two producers of electronic music. After various projects they have finished their first single "Truth" under the new project name "Rueckenwind". Very memorable vocals, paired with smooth and deep sounds describe this awesome Deep House Track and so the project Rueckenwind.

Cover: David Gottschalk – Housenova

David Gottschalk says about himself: “Producing music means to live out my creativity, coupled with the opportunity, to express my truly emotions. Therefore my music is like a kind of a musical diary,  like a mirror of my soul I can hold up in front of myself.” After his track "You" on Seveneves Records last year is now followed by his new single "Housenova". An awesome deep house track with great vibes. Well done.

Cover: Bumich - Without You

Take a catchy melody, dose it into a carefully arranged pushing baseline, seasoning it with some fancy vocal slices and pinch it with a typical bumich sound. Now you get a peaktime Deep House track which elevates you directly to the dancefloor. Seveneves Records presents the new song “Without You” from Bumich.

Cover: Lasca - One Day Off

The German producer Lasca says: “I produce all kinds of electronic music that just comes to my mind”. With "One Day Off", he introduces a deep house production that describes the feeling on a worry-free day In summer with a sun and a gentle breeze. A beautiful song for a relaxed warm up.

Cover: Hofmann

Hofmann & Weigold release their 100th track called "EVE" on their label Seveneves Records that is celebrating its two-year anniversary on February 10th. Their first track "Ease" reached already national and international successes. "EVE" is a deep and at the same time powerful track, ideal for the club. What a massive tune!  

Cover: Nico

Nico & Adam are two friends and passionate DJs who have house music in their heads and often create surprises. With "Alright" they land their first clubhouse burner on Seveneves Records. Beautiful piano chords, catchy vocals with gentle violin sounds make "Alright" to perfect deep house tune.

Cover: LOONAFON - Depths Ocean

LOONAFON from Izmail (Odessa / Ukraine) is an artist from the project Fondz. Also as a solo artist he can inspire with beautiful productions. His new song "Depths Ocean" is ideal for relaxation and reflection. We welcome the young producer on Seveneves Records. 

Cover: Sherwee feat Melo Dee - Du

Sherwee feat. Canze achieved good chart positions with his first release "Wolkentanz" on Seveneves Records. His follow-up "Du & Ich" was produced by the berlin DJ together with singer Melo Dee. A german text and her great voice along with memorable melodies make this deep pop song special.

Cover: Antonio Alterino - About You

After his debut "Closer" and Follow Up “Story” Antonio Alterino presents his third release “About You” on Seveneves Records. He found his love for music as a child when he danced to the classical elctronic tune 'Pump up the Jam' by Technotronic. 

Cover: Wavesafari - Bright Lights

The young DJ- and producer duo Wavesafarii from Hamburg, Germany, is actually known for more progessiv sounds. The two have already convinced with their single "I Need You" on Seveneves Records. This follow-up named "Bright Lights" combines a soft saxophone melody with a classic piano. Perfect for sensitive Warm Up or Chill Out Sets.

Cover: L´VIN - Emotions

L´VIN is a young producer from Baku, Azerbaijan. He has produced this wonderful Deep House track. With "Emotions" he brings out his first Single Release on Seveneves Records. In this way he joins the deep house collections of our label like many young talents.

Cover: Mia Amare - Be Yourself

DJane Mia Amare, born in Azerbaijan, released her first single "Be Yourself" on Seveneves Records. She lives now in Berlin, is enthusiastic about electronic dance music and produce her own tracks now. Her song "Be Yourself" combines a nice soft melody with hard and well-danceable beats and their own vocals. A very ambitious start for a promising future.

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