Normann Gravis - Headsick

Cover Normann Gravis - Headsick

Normann Gravis is a german producer and remixer which has his stamp primarily in the Techno scene. He is also the head of Asyncron® Recordings and comes up with his debut single ‘Headsick’ after a short creative break. "In this moment when you understand that a person has full control over you and you can do anything against, because you love this person unconditionally, then you are headsick!" A big pumpin floorfiller with deep basslines, thick barrage of toms, massive violin phrases together with his own voice. A second "Dark Edit" revealed the dark side if you are infected by a headsick. This track is a realy fat techno bomb that will you punch directly.

Release Date: 2015-06-11 (Beatport) & 2015-06-25 (Worldwide)
Seveneves Records: Cat.No.: 7EVS011
Cover Background Copyright by Marko Sieber.

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