MIAMI EVES 2018 - Seveneves Compilation

MIAMI EVES 2018 - Seveneves Compilation

Seveneves Records presents its "Miami Eves 2018" Compilation! The sampler features 21 first-class tracks. You can expect the best Deep House, House and Future House sounds compiled by Hofmann & Weigold. This includes selected productions by STEEL, Archelli Findz, Swooney & Marcelos Pi, Will Fast, Patrick Hofmann, Marvin Aloys feat. Aniff Akinola, Antonio Alterino, Hofmann & Weigold, Jil Tanner, Gabrielle Giudici, Matt Noise, Jack Lack, Revelz, Thomas Krings, Okiba & Z Box, Fullar, Shawn Wilson, Shuja, Calligra, The Trixx, Jake Dile, Nick Da Cruz and Bassmake. "Miami Eves 2018" is worth a musical journey!

Releasedate: 2018-03-22
Seveneves Records: Cat.No.: 7EVSCOMP12

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