Smoking Tunes - Die Rote Zora

Smoking Tunes - Die Rote Zora

The experienced DJ duo Smoking Tunes from Germany is not so easy to put in a drawer. A mix of outstanding and up-to-date tracks, but also a selection of high-class oldschool classics should not be missing in their DJ sets. Their productions have a touch of French music, technoid beats and soulful vocals. It can be seen a red thread. 

The well-known series "The Red Zora" have inspired Smoking Tunes to create a housy reissue of the theme tune. Like the original from 1979, this track stays in the head and belongs to every housefloor. The style of Smoking Tunes recognizes this title immediately!

Releasedate: 2018-08-08
Seveneves Records: Cat.No.: 7EVS257

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