Darjush Fassih - Rofel Rack EP

Darjush Fassih - Rofel Rack EP

Darjush Fassih is a producer and artist from Lüneburg (Germany) and has released his first track in 2015. Darjush believes in purist and minimalist techno music. Inspired by the Berlin and Hamburg club scene, he and his friends became famous in 2006 for their notorious party act "Private Patients". His DJ sets are known for his distinguished taste. He aims to please his audience while remaining true to his own unique style in relaxed minimal techno. Always on the hunt for the freshest sound he puts into his productions a lot of feeling and harmony, which becomes especially clear in his second EP on Seveneves Records called "Rofel Rack EP

Releasedate: 2018-04-27
Seveneves Records: Cat.No.: 7EVS182

► Sales Links: https://fanlink.tv/7EVS182

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