Cover: Kitos - Paradise

Kitos - Paradise

This song consists of a catchy saxophone and beautiful guitar leads and convinced with a unique bass sound. Kitos from Madrid (Spain) presented his track "Paradise" on Seveneves Records, making anticipation for the upcoming summer.

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Cover: Armen Adyano - My Love EP

Armen Adyano - My Love EP

Armen Adyano from Germany published his “My Love EP” with the two tracks "My Love" and "Pleasure" on Seveneves Records. He comes from the black music scene originally. After a long break Armen Adyano developed a taste for house music, which is evident in this EP with cool Future House and piano sounds.

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Cover: Patrick Hofmann

Patrick Hofmann & Danez - I See You

Patrick Hofmann & DANEZ presents their new release “I See You” on Seveneves Records. Both have been working together successfully and had been releases on S2G-Productions ("Freak Out") and RUN DBN Records ("Hannah"). Check out their new Deep House Track with awesome vocal samples.

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Cover: Marcus Jahn - Astro EP (Zenit

Marcus Jahn - Astro EP (Zenit & Nadir)

Marcus Jahn presents his second EP called “Astro EP” on Seveneves Records. It contains the two awesome Minimal Techno tracks "Zenit" and "Nadir". Marcus Jahn was born 1978 in Leipzig in East Germany and the advent of the techno scene in his hometown in the reunited Germany inspired him decisively and influenced him to this day.

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Cover: Edgar Mountain - Pretty Personalities

Edgar Mountain - Pretty Personalities

Edgar Mountain from Liepaja in Latvia told a story with his track. Some people go to an unknown location. The journey begins crazy, continues with a sad part and ends happy with confused memories. His production "Pretty Personalities" describes exactly this. 

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Cover: Francesco Fincato - The Hands Of Fate

Francesco Fincato - The Hands Of Fate

The young Italian producer Francesco Fincato from Padua presents his first track on Seveneves Records. His song "The Hands of Fate" is a beautiful Deephouse production that matches up in every warm up set. Paired with sunshine, beach and cocktails and and the conditions for a party are created.

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Cover: Steven Moeller - When I Was

Steven Moeller - When I Was

We welcome the young talent Steven Moeller from Görlitz (Germany) with his track "When I Was" on Seveneves Records. A brilliant deep house release with catchy vocals, convinced with an excellent remix of Michael Voigt. Very recommendable.

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Cover: Hin

Hin & Her - Kokolores & Süssenau

"Hin & Her" is a talented artist from Cologne. His second EP has the unusual name “Kokolores & Süssenau”. With his music he wants to go his own way. With deep melancholic synths and an impulsive sound “Hin & Her” will expanded the Electronica scene with these two delicacies.

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Cover: Wavesafari - I Need You

Wavesafari - I Need You

The young DJ and producer Wavesafari from Hamburg, Germany, is actually known for more progessiv sounds. Influenced by the cold season both created this wonderful deep house track. "I Need You" has a beautiful melody and the vocals tell a harmonious story. 

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Cover: Gregorio Torres - My Direction

Gregorio Torres - My Direction

The young producer Gregorio Torres from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, has worked extensively on its single "My Direction". And the result has become very good. His first song on Seveneves Records convinces with emotional deep house vocals and the interplay of cool House elements. Ideal for each Clubset or Warm Up.

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Cover: Antonio Alterino - Closer

Antonio Alterino - Closer

Antonio Alterino, born in Frankfurt am Main Germany, has italian parents. Antonio Alterino is an integral part of Frankfurt´s Nightlife and is the Resident DJ of very successfull partyseries LIQUID XXL and the Velvet Club in Frankfurt am Main. His debut on Seveneves Records called "Closer" shows his talent.

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Cover: Miss Kiyami - By My Side

Miss Kiyami - By My Side

Miss Kiyami describes her first track "By My Side" on Seveneves Records with the following words: "For me, the track brings back my memories of summer, no matter how dreary and cold it is outside". Exactly this easy feeling reflects the track with its incredibly harmonious melody. Let’s look up to the summer season.

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Cover: Domun - Broken Mind EP

Domun - Broken Mind EP

Domun from Cologne presented with his "Broken Mind EP" three great Techhouse tracks on Seveneves Records. The eponymous song "Broken Mind" is impulsive and groovy, "Some Chords" and "Sense" on the other hand are melodic and playful. We love it!

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Cover: Jommes Tatze feat.Caro K. - My Body

Jommes Tatze feat. Caro K. - My Body

Jommes Tatze is back on Seveneves Records with his single "My Body" . After his successful solo release "Bring Out The Love", Jommes starting 2016 with fresh tropical house sounds with 118 BPM and wonderful vocals by Caro K. This is 110% Jommes Tatze.

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Cover: Bay Ren - My House EP

Bay Ren - My House EP

"Bay Ren" is a talented artist from Cologne, whose first EP on Seveneves Records is called "My House EP". The three tracks from the EP "The Love", "My House" and "Hold Me" are firstclass House productions which have already international support.

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Cover: Marcus Jahn - Sonntagsmädchen

Marcus Jahn - Sonntagsmädchen

His Opener "Sonntagsmadchen" for the IBIZA CLOSING 2015 Seveneves Sampler was very popular. Now follows the official single release with two promising remixes by Matthias Weise and Patrick Hofmann.

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Cover: Bequest - Bright Lights

Bequest - Bright Lights

The story of the Hungarien artist “Bequest” began in the late nineties. Since then he produced many sucessful tracks. His new track called "Bright Lights" is an internationally-sounding deep house track with concise vocals and a casual beat.

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Cover: Bora Borsiczky - Dreams

Bora Borsiczky - Dreams

The turkish producer Bora Borsiczky celebrates with his track "Dreams" the debut on Seveneves Records. A few 80s Vocals, Disco Strings, Deep House Chords and a driving beat make this track to an absolutly favorite in your Deep House Set.

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Cover: Alex Baute - Distance

Alex Baute - Distance

Alexis Baute is a young dj and producer who comes from Tenerife, Canary Islands. He began his musical career at the age of 10 years. Music is the most important thing in his life. He loves all aspects of House and his current production "Distance" accurately describes this. With a Robin S.organ, downpitched vocals and a catchy groove. 

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Cover: Tim Serra feat.Bovilan - Nightmare Road

Tim Serra feat.Bovilan - Nightmare Road

Vincent aka Tim Serra from France is a music enthusiast and played as a DJ in many night clubs like the "Le Royal Pub", "The Speakeasy", "Le Partage", "La Voile Blanche" and "El Divino" in Toulouse. His first Single Release, which he composed together with the lovely singer Bolivan, comes out with the name "Nightmare Road" on Seveneves Records.

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Cover: Hochanstaendig

Hochanstaendig & Patrick Hofmann - Connected

After two remixes on Seveneves Records follow the first single by Hochanstaendig and Patrick Hofmann - a highly explosive Peaktime Future House Bomb with hit potential.  With "Connected" both artists start the winter season and will leave a lasting impression on the floors of the clubs.

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Cover: Giuseppe De Renzo - Everybody

Giuseppe De Renzo - Everybody

Giuseppe De Renzo was born in Venosa, Italy. Over the years he always found more pleasure in different genres. But he is most influenced by Techno, Techhouse, Tribal and Deep House. And his first release on Seveneves Records called “Everybody“ reflects this passion perfectly in one track. Deep dark bassline, down pitched vocals and epic pads are making this release unique.

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Cover: Chris Packer - Random

Chris Packer - Random

Another impressive Seveneves Records debut comes from the german artist Chris Packer. DJing is the vocation to bring pleasure and joy to the dance floor - and he do it with great success. Chris Packer decided to take his passion for music to another level. The result is the Progressive House monster called „Random" which strikes with massive energy.

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Cover: Matthias Weise - Safari

Matthias Weise - Safari

Jungle, urban, dance floor! Driven by drums, basslines, high heads and sub bass! Always on the hunt for prey, the exciting life or the experience. That seems to be like a Safari. An everlasting travel! His new minimal techno production describes exactly that. Matthias Weise was successful with "Echoes" on Seveneves Records.

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Cover: D-Wax - Believe In Me

D-Wax - Believe In Me

Davor Pavelic aka Worda from Sarajevo is one of the leading producers and DJs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With his new project called "D-Wax" he wants to express his talent for Deep House music, that succeeds exceptionally well. His Single "Believe In Me” contains the Original and the “Yuriy from Russia” Remix.

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