ALIBI - On Fire

ALIBI - On Fire

The first song "On Fire" of the brandnew italien project  ALIBI is a melodic dance track with beautiful vocals. “ALBI” is a pseudonym of Renzo Franchi and Marco Bertani who have fun in producing electronic music in 80′-90′ years style. Effectively they produced several tracks in those years but, at the beginning of 90′, they took different and tortuous roads that brought them in other directions. They met again in 2016 and discovered that their passion for the electronic music was still deep and strong. Now Renzo and Marco say: “The project "ALIBI" starts "Just For Fun" and we hope that you enjoy it too. Thanks to Seveneves Records, who gave us this opportunity."

Releasedate: 2018-04-11
Seveneves Records: Cat.No.: 7EVS240

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