Best Of 2019 Compilation

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Seveneves Records presents its BEST OF 2019 compilation featuring 31 of the best tracks from 2019. A collection of artists such as Alex Inc & Piekart, Anna Seven, Art Und Weise, Chris Packer & Bastian Nouvo, Daniel Slam, Dave Sloan, DJ Oleg Skipper, Elian Dust, Hofmann & Weigold, Hoodz, Hypelezz & Sly Phil, Jake Dile, Tobias Kuehl, Josh Bickerstaff, König & Krömer, Le Roy, LM Sound, Love Kr3w & Nico Klein, Manuel Baccano, Marcel Martenez, Marcus Jahn, Munéz, Quin Pearson, Red Apple, Remundo, SaintsParis, Smoking Tunes, Stereoakustik, Tonderra, WhiteCapMusic and Will Fast. Cover Background from LoganArt on Pixabay.

Releasedate: 2019-12-30
Seveneves Records: Cat.No.: 7EVSCOMP19


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