Seveneves Artists presentation: USB Players

by Patrick Hofmann

Seveneves Artist Presentation: USB Players

Seveneves Artists presentation: USB Players

USB Players are two young producers and DJs from Germany. Both describe their sound with all facets of House. Their productions are unique and innovative. Besides, they experiment with new sounds and connect different genre with each other. Their first single "Lost" was published on 11.08.2014 on Wetfish Records and have over 50000 plays on Soundcloud. The Follow up EP called "Sunrise" comes out on the 16th of February, 2015 on UTM Records. We are glad to welcome both artists on Seveneves Records with their new Single "Needlejump". 

Wanted Poster:

► name: USB Players! DJ since: 2012
► why this DJ name: cause we play with USB Sticks
► genre you play: House, Deephouse, Garage
► style you are: chilled
► idols: to many
► best track 2014: our single "LOST"
► how was your last gig: fun
► if you have 3 wishes: health, fun, waffles
► day or night: both
► marmelade or nutella: honey
► 2016? a lot of exciting stuff coming up
► fashion: overrated
► which model you like: don’t know
► Germany or America: Germany
► dog or cat: both are cool

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