Seveneves Artist presentation: Tom Glombik

by Patrick Hofmann

Seveneves Artist Presentation: Tom Glombik

Tom Glombik is a german DJ and Producer. In many years of his successful career as DJ TmgK he played a lot of gigs all over Germany. He decided to produce music 10 years ago. During this time he produced music for many successful DJs and different labels and his tracks always reach high chart positions. Tom Glombik stands for his own powerful international sound and his tracks are full of energy. His trademark are soulful melodies, guitar sounds and catchy piano instruments. Tom Glombik made already remixes for RUN DBN Records (Patrick Hofmann - NOON) and Seveneves Records (Jommes Tatze - Bring Out The Love). His current track "Awusia" has nice catchy vocals and is categorized in the Deephouse Collection of Seveneves Records.

Wanted Poster:

► name: Tom Glombik
► why this DJ name: I choose my real name! I create music which is exactly to my taste. It´s 100% me.
► genre you play: Housemusic
► style you are: basic, relaxed
► idols: too many! One of my first were ATB & Enigma
► best track 2014: not possible to decide
► where & how was your last gig: CLUB L1 Leipzig, amazing
► if you have 3 wishes: Health for my son, Health for my Wife and Health for me:-)
► day or night: "Day and Night" :-)))
► marmelade or nutella: diet
► 2016: comes after 2015
► which model you like: Calvin Harris (but more because of his music!)
► Germany or America: Germany
► dog, cat or bear: Hamster
► weakness: not enough sleep
► thickness: my family
► favorite quote: "Nothing is so bad, that you can´t use it for something"
► last words: "use condoms and make love"
► Latest Release: "Awusia" (Seveneves Records)

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