Seveneves Artist presentation: Normann Gravis

by Patrick Hofmann

Seveneves Artist Presentation: Normann Gravis

Normann Gravis, Techno live-act, DJ, Producer and Remixer from Dresden Germany wants to riffle the cards of the club scene. “It’s time to reshuffle the cards!” He was always touring under a different synonym successful as an artist through the german clubs and since january 2013 he has even bigger plans. His debut-release “Shuffle The Cards” made it in the first week into the official "White Noise" playlist of Dave Clarke’s radio show and in the feature-list of the DJ platform Trackitdown. More details please click here.

Wanted Poster:

► name: Normann Gravis
► why this DJ name? Why not? You know, it’s a personal thing. Normann is my real name and with double N at the end it is quite rare (thanks Mom!). People ever called me Sick Gravis, because my head is so sick… Just kidding! It stands for fucking electronic music, that’s what I’m talking about!   
► Beside projects: You will find some harder stuff of me under Norris Terrify. but you must be able to deal with it.
► genre you play, genre you produce: Actually I like to play and produce Techno, perhaps not the classic stuff, a little bit freaky sometimes. But I also like to play und produce the whole Deep House stuff, too.
► style you are: What?!
► idols? You know, I really do not have an “idol”, but I respect a lot of talented artists out there and their work of course.
► best track ever? Dave Clarke – Storm (Red Three)
► where & how was your last gig? That was an amazing gig in my home base, in an awesome location called Reithalle placed in the legendary industrial area of Dresden (Strasse E), Germany. Btw, you will find some live records in my SoundCloud profile.
► if you have 3 wishes: healthiness, a day with 30 hour for producing many headsick tracks :D and to spend more time with my family and friends.
► techno or house? That’s nasty, man!
► marmelade or nutella?: Nutella
► 2016? My Album debut, I hope so!
► which model you like? Amber Rose… Is she a model, I guess? ^^ Whatever her curves are fucking hot. 
► where would you like to live? Barcelona or San Francisco, both are beautiful cities.
► dog, cat or bear: I love cats! 
► weakness: I hate my unpunctuality… hoppla
► thickness: The ability to making music so you can wiggle your butt.
► favorite quote: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
► last words: You did a great job, thanks much guys for having me. Cheers, Normann.
► Latest Release: Headsick (Seveneves Records)


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