Seveneves Artist presentation: Jommes Tatze

by Patrick Hofmann

Seveneves Artist Presentation: Jommes Tatze

Seveneves Artists presentation: Jommes Tatze

Jommes Tatze is a german DJ and Producer, based in Leipzig/ Germany. Besides his extraordinary name he became a talking point by his exquisite release of his “Zirkus EP” on Bikini Records. His name speaks for himself. The paws up in the air ("Tatze" means "paw"), dancing to the beat he is making the crowd sweat. A keystone of his production is his sense for fine tunes and a knack for the beat. His performances at the Sputnik Springbreak and Liquid Sunday were great moments for him during his career up till now. With the song "Bring Out The Love" we welcome him on Seveneves Records.

Wanted Poster:

► name: Jommes Tatze DJ since: 2013
► why this DJ name: my name developed while I was drunk! I accidentally swapped the two first letters of my friends name (Tommes and Jaze) and I said Jommes Tatze;-)
► genre you play: House, Deephouse, Electro
► style you are: funny, rough, motivated and absolutly easygoing
► idols: if I have to choose one, it would be Oliver Heldens, Calippo, Nora En Pure and Croatia Squad
► best track 2014: My own track Bring Out The Love, Rather Be and My Love
► how was your last gig: fantastic! Every gig has it´s own charm, great people!
► if you have 3 wishes: health for my family and me, success in my study and another three wishes:-)
► day or night: night!
► marmelade or nutella: nutella!
► 2016: I don’t know, everything happens for a reason
► fashion: scotch and soda jeans and a lot of hollister
► which model you like: Adriana Lima
► Germany or America: Germany
► dog, cat or bear: Cat!



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