Remix Contest: Hofmann & Weigold - EVE

by Patrick Hofmann

Remix Contest: Hofmann & Weigold - EVE

For our 100th Release on Seveneves Records called Hofmann & Weigold - "EVE" we organize a remix contest. You're a talented producer and would like to take part? Please write to, tell us your DJ name, Soundcloud profile and Facebook page and we will send you the Remix Files. "EVE" was supported by Don Diablo, Swanky Tunes, Pretty Pink, Deep Mix Nation and many more.

Original Track: 

► Hofmann & Weigold - EVE


1. Deadline: 30th March 2017
2. Please send us the private link or mp3 file to
3. First we will release the best remixes on a Soundcloud Playlist
4. These remixes will released as Remix EP (May 2017) 


The remixes should have a certain quality. You can give us the masterfile or a premaster with 4db headroom. We guarantee no publication. The licence for the Remixfiles owns Seveneves Records. Unauthorized publication of the remixes is not permitted.

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