15.04.2016 - Seveneves Labelnight - DHS Leipzig

by Patrick Hofmann

15.04.2016 - Seveneves Records Labelnight Lucky No7 - Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik Leipzig

The club culture - a physical place, a spiritual place, a hidden land! This country only reveals itself, when you choose the world of sounds and people! A world that breathes passion and transfers emotions. A musical journey without facade - sincere and honest! Precious enthusiasm for each beat. With closed eyes and palpitations we´ll bring music and club culture in harmony. Don´t miss our 1st Seveneves Records Labelnight.

15.04.2016 - Seveneves Labelnight - Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik Leipzig

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► Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik, Klingenstraße 20,
Klingenstraße 20, 04229 Leipzig-Plagwitz, Sachsen, Germany

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