Out now: Jommes Tatze - Bring Out The Love

Let´s make it three!

Exclusive on Beatport today:
Jommes Tatze - Bring Out The Love
Get your copy here!

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Cover 7EVS001: USB Players - Needlejump

1st Release: USB Players "Needlejump"

The first release on Seveneves Records is hosted by the talented "USB Players". On Soundcloud their Single "Lost" reached over 50.000 plays and for sure they are a very hot inside tip in the scene. With a mixture of House, Deep and Garage "Needlejump" is unique, groundbreaking and the right thing for your peak time sets.

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Genre Colours Overview

Do you know for what the colours stand?

About a colour draught we separate visually the different music directions together, however, confess about a simple Cooperate Identity the affiliation to our label. 

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Seveneves Records Logo

Welcome to Seveneves Records

Seveneves Records is a new open minded music label that publishes different genres of electronic dance music which are convincing with quality and longevity. Besides, the artists and their music productions stand with priority in the focus and are introduced editorially and accompanied. We would like to serve topical trends and be openly for innovative and new music. 

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